Only You

November 2004

I wrote this after another very vivid vision I had in church during worship ~ actually it was more than a vision, it was an experience.  My spirit was touched by the presence of the Lord.  I have never felt Him so close to me before or since.  Not long after writing this, I came across Psalm 91:4 and I about fainted.  I was totally in awe of how He touched me that day.  More than anything over the past two years, the Lord has been revealing His love for me.

Only You

Jesus, sweet Jesus
How beautiful you were today
Holding me close, nestled in Your arms
I've never felt so safe, so loved.
As You wrap your long white wings around me
You cover me completely, and just hold me.
Your presence envelops me, and I feel complete peace.
I feel Your heart beat
And I know the love of my Savior
Is far deeper than I can ever know.
You protect me as I seek refuge
In the shelter of Your wings.
Your long, beautiful, strong wings
Protecting me from harm, soothing my anxiety
As I melt in Your embrace. 
Then for a moment You open Your wings
Pick me up in Your arms and dance with me.
Gently You set me down, 
Caress my face,
And I fall into Your embrace again.
Who has ever loved me like that?
No one but You, Lord
Only You.

"He will cover you with His feathers,
and under His wings you will find refuge."
Psalm 91:4

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