Reckless Abandon

February 2006

This was inspired by an experience I had at a women's retreat ~ what an awesome, amazing weekend it was!  We had a worship service on Sunday morning in the cozy fireside room of the lodge.  All of our chairs were in a large circle around the room.  As I closed my eyes in worship, I began to see Jesus dancing among us.  He wore a long white robe with a rich, dark red banner down the front.  he was dancing with such joy and love, and He threw His arms above His head exclaiming "My daughers!  My brides!"  He was celebrating His love and adoration of us!  His robe flowed gracefully and powerfully around the room, and showed me that it is within reach of all of us ~ Jesus is right there within our grasp at any moment in our lives. 

Sometimes it seems so hard to touch Him, because our hands are so full of other things...loneliness, unforgiveness, worries of life...I thought of the woman in Mark 5, who wanted nothing more than to touch Jesus.  Nothing stood in her way.  She emptied her hands of everything else and ran to Him ~ how I pray for a heart like that.

Reckless Abandon

What desperate love has she
That throws caution to the wind
Shamelessly pursuing her Savior
With such reckless abandon.
As if her eyes coud see,
through the crowd and the lies,
Nothing but Your beauty
the depth of the love in Your eyes.
It so amazes even her
How effortless it seems
to touch the hem of your robe
And be healed ~ set free!

Give me a heart like hers, O Lord
So wild and so free
Longing only for Your touch
As You dance in love with me.
you are ever within my reach
I need only extend my hand
And receive the grace you freely give
My heart can't comprehend ~
How amazing is Your love for me
It's depth I dare to know
How beautiful you are to me
Sweet Lover of my soul.

"When she heard about Jesus, she came up behind Him in the crowd and touched his cloak,
because she thought, "If I just touch His clothes, I will be healed."
Mark 5:27

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