The Garden

Written for Denise for her wedding
May 2002

The Garden

The gardener slowly made his way
Along the path through the meadow one day,
When he paused to see the sun illuminate
A solitary lavender rose
Never before had he seen one of those,
The most precious of flowers that God would ever create.

Her beauty he knew he must possess,
Yet she did not know her own loveliness
Until now, as she saw it reflect in the gardener's eyes.
As he held her in his gentle hands
And carried her away to his beloved homeland,
The love between them bloomed before their eyes.

Now in this beautiful garden they stand
Joining hearts and holding hands,
A lifetime of love and friendship has begun.
In this harmony of blooms and strings,
Family and friends, promises and rings,
The Gardener and the Rose are forever one.

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