I also wrote this for my literature class in 9th grade.  I think it captured my idealistic view of life ~ something I held onto for many years to come.  It gave me a sense of security.  I knew it wasn't realistic, but I didn't know how else to view life at the time.  The reality of relationships in my life was too confusing for me, so I thought if I just created a perfect future then my past experiences wouldn't matter.


My dreams are the most essential things in my life.  They are what keep me from giving up when things get rough.  I don't mean the dreams I have when I am asleep, I mean the daydreams.  I dream about what I want to do with my life.  I dream about what kind of person I want to spend my life with, and what kind of person I want to be.  I dream about what kind of occupation I want to strive for, what I want my first home to look like,a nd how I want to raise my family.  In my dreams everything is perfect.  Everyone loves, cares and helps each other.  I achieve my goals and have a very happy life.  I know my dreams are not very realistic because no one can have the perfect life that I dream of.  But I still dream them.  And I will always try to make them ome true.

Friends are also very important to me.  When I feel lonely or sad they are always there to cheer me up.  Especially my best friend.  Without her I would be lost.  She is always there for me when I need someone to talk to.  She likes me just the way I am and doesn't try to change me.  When I feel sad she cheers me up with her smile, and when I feel like having fun we have a great time!  We don't always agree on everything, but we respect each other's opinion.  She is very special to me and always will be.

~ ~ ~

The summer after I graduated from high school I got involved in a bible study through the Church of Christ.  It was the first time that I had truly seen Jesus ~ in the faces and the lives of the friends I made there.  I wanted what they had.  Their faith was alive and their relationship with the Lord was vibrant.  I began to really grow close to the Lord and He began to change my heart and transform my life and my identity.  The following year I fell in love for the first time.  Tony was a huge influence on me spiritually and personally.  He had a solid foundation of faith and he lived it out.  we went to church and bible study together at First Baptist Church, where I became a member.  By the time I came to Winona, at the age of 20, I was on fire for the Lord!  I was water baptized the Sunday before I left for college.  It was a very precious experience.  I remember feeling so at peace, loved and accepted.

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