January 1991

This poem was written when "Desert Storm" in the Gulf War was beginning.  It was a scary thought and kind of surreal to think of those we knew who were at war, and how it might change lives.  On a spiritual level, it made me think about the kind of peace that we receive from God is unique and not dependent upon our circumstances.


We're praying for peace with all our hearts
But what will we do when the fighting starts?
We'll keep on praying for peace in our time
But the peace we seek is of another kind.
It's a peace in the heart of every loved one
Who is living with fear, but in our Father's Son
We have the kind of peace that does not depend
On the absence of war of man against man.
The peace Christ gives works deeper by far
By reminding us that He's been where we are.
He knows what it's like to fear another's hand
And He has felt the pain of losing a friend.
He will give us the peace that our Father gave to Him,
In the midst of your suffering, call on Him.

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