Without Words

June 2004

This was written from my soul to the heart of Jesus.

Without Words

From the horizon You call to me
And my heart yearns
For Your heavenly touch.
My soul burns for You.
For You, O Lord
My precious Savior
You call to me without words
Your gentle hand reaches me
And draws me close.
You embrace my soul
And without words You know.
You know the longing of my heart
The deepest need
Broken dreams scattered on the ground.
Empty hands I extend to You
Without words.
And to my surprise, here You are ~
comforting me, caressing my soul.
Drying my tears, now I know
How so much can be said
So much love expressed
Without words.
Do You know, my Lord
How You have saved me?
I would be lost without You
But by Your grace I am found
Right here in Your presence
Overwhelmed by Your love.
Here I am in awe of You,
Without words.

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