In Need of a Savior

October 2005

It's not about my strength, it's all about His.  The Lord continues to bring me to the place where I am lost enough to let myself be led.

In Need of a Savior

I have no strength to praise You,
I've lost the heart for hope.
Arms too heavy to raise,
Eyes falling closed.
Where are You now, my Savior?
I've lost sight of You somehow.
My spirit fades within me
Even now.
As I cradle this face in lifeless hands,
Empty tears fall to the ground.
Crying in the dark of night ~
Do You hear the sound
Of this wounded and broken heart?
It's deafening to me.
It seems my soul is falling apart,
Do You see?
So far away from my dreams,
My lifeblood running dry
I can't see how I can go on,
And don't know why.
What's the point in carrying on?
I'm not going anywhere.
And I'm beginning to wonder
If you even care.

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