Precious Son

Written for Nicolas Michael
February 1999

Precious Son

Come, my sweet angel
Come fly with me,
Over the clouds
And under the sea.
Let's soar through the days
With joy in our hearts,
We'll laugh at the monkeys
And scream at the sharks!
At the end of the day
I'll hold you tight.
Hug your Pooh Bear
And I'll kiss you goodnight.
Dream, my sweetheart
Of lullaby lands
Don't be afraid,
Mommy's holding your hand.
You're the green in the grass
 And the blue in the sky,
The smile on my face
And the tear in my eye.
You are the reason
My life has begun
You are my heart,
My precious son.

"His mother treasured all these things in her heart."
Luke 2 : 51

~ ~ ~

About a year after Nicolas was born, at the age of 29, I began to realize how much I needed Jesus back in my life again.  I missed Him.  But I didn't know how to put Him first in my life and be devoted to my husband and my marriage at the same time.  It was difficult on so many levels.  So I tried my best to compromise.  But in doing so I began to lose myself, my marriage, and my faith.  I almost didn't believe at all anymore, and it terrified me. 

I remember a huge turning point came when I was driving through Rollingstone one day (we lived in another town at the time, and I do not think it was a coincidence that we would eventually make Rollingstone our home.)  In my mind I saw a rope hanging from the sky and I was hanging onto the end of the rope with all the srength that I had left ~ which wasn't much.  I was at the very last thread of it.  With tears streaming down my face I literally said out loud in my car "God, don't let me go.  Please don't let me go."

Thank God, He didn't.  From that moment on, things began to turn around for me spiritually.  I began to pray specifically for a mother's group and a church.  God answered my prayer so quickly ~ within a month I had been invited to M.A.P.T (Mothers Are People Too), which was a mother's bible study, and soon after I began attending Living Light Church.

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