Abba Father

July 2005

This was an amazing moment in my life.  I had been given some things by my mom that she had saved for of her and my dad on their wedding day, cards she received from my dad, a little outfit and gloves that I wore as a little girl.  I had no idea how much these things would mean to me.  I brought them to church one day, and laid them on the altar.  As I sat there alone and prayed over them, God revealed to me how much He loves me.  He just poured His love over me ~ it was overwhelming.  I had never felt His love so intensely and completely.  He was so in love with the little girl who wore those gloves, and He has walked by my side through every moment of my life. I also believe this poem is an answer to "Ever Alone".

Abba Father

As gently as a sunrise
Caresses the morning air
Your love was watching over me
As I was unaware. 
Angels tended my deepest needs
And caught my tears in jars
When I couldn't sense Your presence,
I know You were never far.
Sweet music falls upon my ears
That You sang over me
In dark and lonely places
Where I dreamt of being free.
Now Freedom is a friend to me
And Loneliness left behind
Hope is my companion
And Peace of Heart abides.
As Your healing waters cleanse
And I lose myself in You
In You, my Abba Father
I am born anew.

"Because you are His children, God sent the spirit of His Son into our hearts, 
the spirit who calls out, "Abba Father."
Galations 4:6  

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