Just Like You

March 1992

I was experiencing some anger about things that occurred in my family as a child ~ things that were never talked about or even acknowledged.  I learned to cover up my feelings and pretend like everything was "normal" because that was what we did.  I felt very misunderstood and disregarded and I longed for some validation.

Just Like You

Trying to find the answers
To things that used to make sense,
But don't anymore,
Those simple explanations
Are beginning to look like cover-ups in my mind.
The root of all these repressed
And misunderstood feelings,
That I never allowed myself to feel before.
Don't lie to me!
I knew what was going on.
But I hid it, just like you.
You wouldn't face my feelings, my mind.
And neither would I.
Now here I am, trying to find the answers.
But I can't bring myself to ask the questions. 

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