Little Froggie


This was my very first poem, written at 10 years old.  I remember writing it in my bedroom, laying on my bed.  It was probably early on a Saturday morning because I remember waking up Mom and Dad to have them read it!  I don't know if I understood salvation yet, but I knew I needed God.  I knew that he was real, and I had a hunger for Him.

Little Froggie

Once there was a little frog
A good little frog was he.
His mamma's teaching school
And his papa's out to sea.
His brother's in the army
And his sister's fast asleep,
And now he's all alone
So he began to weep.
"There's no one here to play with,
No one to sing a song.
My daddy's out to sea,
I wish I could have gone along."
He asked his mother one day,
"When's Daddy coming home?
There's no one here to play with
And it's sad to be alone."
His mother told him, "Son,
There's something I have to say.
There was a storm at sea,
Your daddy's passed away."
As soon as Little Froggie heard
He then began to cry.
He finally said "Mommy,
Why did Daddy have to die?"
"Little Froggie, someday
Everyone's going to die,
Everyone in the world
Even you and I."
Little Froggie shook
Because his family would have to go,
But there was one last thing
Little Froggie didn't know.
If you are a true Christian
And believe in Jesus Christ
You will surely go to Heaven,
That will be very nice!
You will see your family and your friends
In case you didn't know,
If you confess all your sins
You will be cleaned, white as snow.

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to Me, and do not hinder them,
for the kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these."
Matthew 19:4

A lot transpired in my spiritual journey after writing that poem.  I believe that I was saved at "Good News", which was a bible study at my neighbor's house.  Even though I had always gone to church and Sunday school, it was here that I learned about having a personal relationship with Jesus, and that faith can be fun and exciting!  I don't remember the exact moment that I prayed for salvation, but I know Jesus does, and I know that it happened there.

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