I Am Alive

January 1992

Each line of this poem represents a sharp contrast of character...and the confusion I was feeling at the time about who I was.  Trying to reconcile the past with the present, and how that all would shape my future.  God gave me moments of refreshing and hope, even though I was becoming confused about my faith and my self.  I have always had the tendency to pretend that everything was alright, and not deal with the important issues.  I believe this poem reflects that.

I Am Alive

I am empty, I am full
I am exciting, I am dull
I am confused, I am free
I am the wind, I am a tree
Reaching to the sunlit sky,
Bowing at the ground, I die.
Pained for all that I have endured
Loved for all that I have cured.
I have done, I have begun.
I have lost, but I have won...
Love, hope, peace, and laughter
And lost, well what does it matter?
It is for tomorrow that I strive
Because today I am alive!

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