May 2006

This is my very first song.  God just blew me away with this song, this incredible gift.  Not only is it a dream come true to actually write music, but the song itself is a very personal gift to me from my Father.  It is about being redeemed from the choices we've made, that God will always make a new road for us no matter how badly we may have messed up our lives.  When I shared my song with our worship leader/pastor at my church, he said that the greatest ministry comes out of brokenness.  He said I am in a season of crushing, like a can being recycled.  Jesus said "whoever falls on Me will be broken, but not destroyed."  He's molding and reshaping me in order to rebuild me into something new, much stronger and iwth more joy than I've ever known.  Pastor Doug kept saying to me, "this season will end!  It will end for you, Lisa."  This song brings with it so much healing.

Some time after that, I played this song at a women's ministry event at church.  Becky and Natalie sang it with me.  Prior to singing, I shared this message.  Afterward several women came up to me in tears, sharing how much the song touched them.  Glory to God.  Here is the message I shared...

Have you ever come to a place in life where you had a decision to make, a choice to either follow the path that God has laid out for you, or to go your own way?  It's like being at a crossroad.  God is saying "this way", but you choose the other.  I've been there, many times.  We all have.  Sometimes it's the big decisions of life, or it's daily ~ the little things.  And when we choose not to listen to His voice and we go our own way, we invite so much grief and sometimes destruction into our lives.

But do you know that even when we choose the wroing path, even then Jesus continues to walk with us.  he doesn't leave us at the crossroad and let us go our own way alone.  He stays by our side.  And when we reach that place where we are broken, and we are lost enough to let Him lead us again...He reaches out His hand, lifts us up, and the healing begins.  That road of healing can be long, but do you know that you are never too lost, or too broken to receive healing?  never.  he will make a way from wherever you are.

This song is about redemption.  Exodus 15:13 says "In Your unfailing love You will lead the people You ahve redeemed.  In Your strength you will guide them to Your holy dwelling."  My prayer is that you will hear His voice today...calling you. 


If I only believed how much You loved me
Instead I chose to believe the lies
If I would've seen all that You had planned for me
Then these tears wouldn't be falling from my eyes
Oh, tears are falling from my eyes.

Jesus, standing at the crossroad
Calling me down the narrow way
I can't believe I didn't hear You calling me
Or see the tears falling from Your eyes.

Now here I am, Lord, oh so many years away
Finally walking hand in hand
Alone with You, my healing Savior
Leading me to my promised land
I'm headed to my promised land!

Jesus, standing at the crossroad
Leading me down this narrow way
I can't believe that You walk this road with me
And dry the tears falling from my eyes.

Jesus, the road is so long
And I'm so very weary, Lord
Take my hand, only You can make me strong
And lead me on to my home
Oh Jesus, lead me home!

Jesus, standing at the crossroad
Leading me down the only way
I can't believe how You have set this captive free
I finally see the love in Your eyes
I finally see the love in Your eyes.

"In Your unfailing love You will lead the people You have redeemed. 
In Your strength You will guide them to your holy dwelling." 
Exodus 15:13

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