Healing Waters

May 1992

This is one of my favorite writings.  So much within me was broken and muddied, I just longed for the simplicity and freshness of innocence.  As painful memories from my childhood were coming to the surface, I didn't want to face them.  I so much wanted to leave everything behind without dealing with it or healing from it, so I just tucked it away in my heart.

Healing Waters

I want to go where the healing waters run
To wade in the waves where new lives have begun
And sing the songs I've never sung before.
I want to run with the children free
And see them smiling back at me
And set the child within me free once more.
Take me away from this world of change
It seems to me so very strange
Compared to what I've known in days gone by.
When days were days and nights were nights
And conflicts were settled with pillow fights
And there were answers for the question, "why?"
"Tell me why the sky is blue!"
"Is the moon always following you, too?"
Sweet innocence, why must you pass so soon?
Stay with me a while longer,
Shut out the world that makes me stronger,
Your strength is what can lift me to the moon.

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